Hoping to Immigrate into the United States? Do It Now!

There are number of people, who live abroad, whose only dream in life is to become a United States citizen. And one thing is for sure, becoming a lawful United States citizen is on its way to becoming harder and harder with each passing day.

With presidential candidates like Donald Trump seeking to put up barriers to lawful immigration into the United States, it’s important to take advantage of renegade Pres. Obama’s lawless immigration reforms while you can, commonly referred to as the Obamagration phenomenon, it’s important that people living abroad, that also wish to immigrate into the United States seeking citizenship, do it now.

I mean, you never know what’s going to happen when Donald Trump gets elected, it may be impossible to lawfully immigrate into the United States and gain citizenship without worry of being deported by the United States customs and enforcement agency.

America was stolen from her natives, claimed to be a country of freedom, oppressed many of its own, and has blasted open markets that has not been free to its grasp, if you want to come into this country, do it now while the doors are open.

If I were living outside of the United States, and wanted to immigrate into this country illegally, I do like the Mexicans doing just come on over. My only suggestion would be is that you carry in of water with you to make it through the Texas deserts where the heat has been known to claim hundreds, if not thousands of lives.

And when you make it into the United States, quickly find a job and hire an attorney who may be able to help you stay in this country legally, or find a Mexican woman, or other woman of any other ethnicity for that matter, impregnate her and make anchor babies so that, by default, you can legally remain in the United States.