Galveston Family Lawyers You Can Count On

Every year thousands of couples go their separate ways. When marriages end, children are often an item of debate in addition to any property and assets. When you are the target of divorce, or if you’re the one initiating the divorce, its important to have experienced family lawyers on your side that you can count on during the most complicated of times.

Texas Family Law

Laws in Texas are always changing and having a legal team on your side that is adept in family will surely serve you in the long run. With expert lawyers like that of Nelson Family Law, you can’t help but have the highest expectations when going into litigation.

Nelson Family Law will make the law work for you and carefully listen to you and involve you in the development of their legal strategy. However, you must be advised that if the situation/conditions are to change, that the strategy will have to change as well.

Complex Divorces

Some divorces are extremely complex as they may involved business divisions and other property divisions. With Nelson Family Law on your side, you can expect your legal team to be ready for any changing conditions that may result in a nasty ordeal or that may threaten your goals.

Child Custody Disputes

The legal interests of children is a hot-button issue that’s common for family court lawyers, and can include a number of differentiating factors that make matters confusing. Grandparents rights, fathers’ and mothers’ rights, college tuition, parenting plans, child custody and visitation, are only a few issues involving minors that are under the scope of the family court system.

Recommended Attorneys in Galveston

If you’re in need of experience legal counsel in the Galveston, Texas region we know of a law firm with experience dealing with all facets of family litigation proceedings including mediation, asset & property division, estate planning, child custody and visitation, child support relief, restraining orders, and more. Contact The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates.

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