3 Types of Attorneys, An Overview

I happened to be checking out a law firm marketing website and ran across an interesting post which sought to define the professional behind the attorney and here’s what we got;

Type #1 — The Entrepreneur Attorney:

He enjoys practicing law, but he’s really in this to build a business and make money. As such, he invests in honing his own marketing chops, and likes to take care of his firm’s marketing himself. He primarily identifies as a businessman, whose product happens to be legal services.

He wants his firm’s marketing to be ruthlessly profitable.

Type #2 — The Socialite Attorney:

He enjoys practicing law too, but if he’s completely honest with himself, what really sets him on fire is the status and prestige of the profession. He strives to be an icon in his community — a face and a name.

He wants his firm’s marketing to enhance his status.

Type #3 — The Lawyer Attorney:

He’d literally practice law all day if he could. What sets him on fire is the thought of putting together an excellent case and executing his strategy like a sage. He resents the chase, and wishes he didn’t have to go out and prostitute himself for clients — but he knows it’s a necessary part of the profession these days.

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