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3 Types of Attorneys, An Overview

I happened to be checking out a law firm marketing website and ran across an interesting post which sought to define the professional behind the attorney and here’s what we got;

Type #1 — The Entrepreneur Attorney:

He enjoys practicing law, but he’s really in this to build a business and make money. As such, he invests in honing his own marketing chops, and likes to take care of his firm’s marketing himself. He primarily identifies as a businessman, whose product happens to be legal services.

He wants his firm’s marketing to be ruthlessly profitable.

Type #2 — The Socialite Attorney:

He enjoys practicing law too, but if he’s completely honest with himself, what really sets him on fire is the status and prestige of the profession. He strives to be an icon in his community — a face and a name.

He wants his firm’s marketing to enhance his status.

Type #3 — The Lawyer Attorney:

He’d literally practice law all day if he could. What sets him on fire is the thought of putting together an excellent case and executing his strategy like a sage. He resents the chase, and wishes he didn’t have to go out and prostitute himself for clients — but he knows it’s a necessary part of the profession these days.

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Galveston Family Lawyers You Can Count On

Every year thousands of couples go their separate ways. When marriages end, children are often an item of debate in addition to any property and assets. When you are the target of divorce, or if you’re the one initiating the divorce, its important to have experienced family lawyers on your side that you can count on during the most complicated of times.

Texas Family Law

Laws in Texas are always changing and having a legal team on your side that is adept in family will surely serve you in the long run. With expert lawyers like that of Nelson Family Law, you can’t help but have the highest expectations when going into litigation.

Nelson Family Law will make the law work for you and carefully listen to you and involve you in the development of their legal strategy. However, you must be advised that if the situation/conditions are to change, that the strategy will have to change as well.

Complex Divorces

Some divorces are extremely complex as they may involved business divisions and other property divisions. With Nelson Family Law on your side, you can expect your legal team to be ready for any changing conditions that may result in a nasty ordeal or that may threaten your goals.

Child Custody Disputes

The legal interests of children is a hot-button issue that’s common for family court lawyers, and can include a number of differentiating factors that make matters confusing. Grandparents rights, fathers’ and mothers’ rights, college tuition, parenting plans, child custody and visitation, are only a few issues involving minors that are under the scope of the family court system.

Recommended Attorneys in Galveston

If you’re in need of experience legal counsel in the Galveston, Texas region we know of a law firm with experience dealing with all facets of family litigation proceedings including mediation, asset & property division, estate planning, child custody and visitation, child support relief, restraining orders, and more. Contact The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates.

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Premier Defense Lawyers for Brazoria Cases

I know a number of people who have been arrested and poorly represented by their legal representation when their court date finally rolls up on the calendar. I’ve often thought to myself, “I wonder if these people were represented by the right lawyer would of had that cases turn out differently”, in the same remains true of the thoughts that run through my head today. Thus, the drafting and publishing of this article dedicated to helping my friends and Brazoria find the right attorney for their criminal case so that they may get out of the criminal justice system with their freedom intact.

What Most Attorneys Don’t Have

Most attorneys that consider themselves DWI defense lawyers don’t have the credentials that they could have to show their skill and high aptitude in defending persons accused of such crimes. If you’re going to call yourself a DWI lawyer, we feel that it is important that you gain the certifications required to be considered an expert in gas chromatography examinations, as well as a certification with some legal organization that is dedicated to DUI defense is a specialty area of criminal trial lawyer defense litigation.

Most attorneys don’t have such credentials to back up their primary areas of practice; in fact, most attorneys only have the degree that they left school with, which is evidence of the incompetence of most attorneys when it comes to extended training and pursuing expert status in the field that they dedicated their life to. In fact, if they haven’t dedicated their life to being the absolute best attorney that they can be, they probably don’t have any additional certifications and probably shouldn’t have your freedom in their hands.

Choosing The Right Brazoria Attorney

We recommend taking the time to make sure that your lawyer is a ferocious defense lawyer that’s dedicated to a ruthless pursuit of expert level status in their field. Whether were talking about a homicide attorney, a federal tax lawyer, or a criminal defense attorney, they should be the absolute best in their specific niche of law practice.

This is why we recommend the Law Offices of Tad Nelson and Associates’ Brazoria DWI lawyers for all criminal cases involving drunk driving offenses. These people are experts in their field, pursue an advanced educational capacity so that they may become better defense attorneys for their clients. These are the type a lawyers that you should have representing you in the event that you have to appear in court and fight for your freedom.